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Our Office

Getting to our office:

  1. If you input our address into your navigation system it will *almost* get you to our location...but once you get close, many navigation systems will provide poor directions for the last few steps

  2. Assuming your navigation has taken you down Union Blvd, you should see a sign for the "East Library" across the street from a burnt orange and red apartment building

  3. Turn onto the road marked by the "East Library" sign as if you were heading to the East Library (you should see the library straight in front of you).

  4. Once you have turned towards the library, you should see a sign on your right for "Total Body Works Personal Training" We are located within this same will see our logo on the window to the right of the door you will enter!   

Our address is:


5604 N. Union Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO, 80918

A quick tour of the inside of office tour:

The images below may help you find our office: 

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