Herbal Medicine

Functional wellness and nutrition

Health is complicated! We use functional wellness and nutrition to address root causes of health issues and to help you get to your optimal peak of performance. Whether you are an athlete looking to feed, train, and support your body, a business owner looking to maximize energy output and cognition, or just plain looking to feel better and healthier, together we can help you to get to the next level of health! 

Detox programs

  • Quick, 14 day paleo (bone broth based) or vegetarian programs

  • Reset your habits, your eating behaviors, and your metabolism

  • Get nutrients IN and toxins OUT!

  • Detoxify your liver

  • More energy and less bloat


  • Done for you diet plans including shopping lists, recipes, meal plans, and more

  • Delivered via an easy-to-use app that will help guide you through your program and provide easy check-ins and coaching

  • Trackable metrics help you to see your progress over time

  • In conjunction with lab testing, we can assign targeted nutritional plans that help address health issues using a food first approach

Functional wellness

  • Address the underlying root cause of your symptoms

  • Acknowledges your biochemical individuality and uniqueness

  • A WHOLE BODY approach to health--we explore nutrition, sleep, eating habits, supplementation, hormones, movement, exercise, and structural/facial issues as they relate to your health

Weight loss programs

  • Quick 14 day vegetarian program

  • Supplements to supercharge your metabolism and quicken your weight loss

  • Done for your menus and recipes

  • Easy to follow program


  • For when food and nutrition alone are not enough to create changes in your health

  • High quality, top tier supplements 

  • All partner companies are third-party tested, manufacture supplements in the USA, and follow Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP)

  • Single supplements for tailored/targeted uses

  • Research-based protocols and kits containing several supplements to address common health issues 

Lab testing

  • GI-MAP for gut health using the most advanced analytical techniques

  • Food sensitivity testing

  • Full micronutrient panel--examining both intra and extra-cellular levels of vitamins and minerals

  • Adrenal and thyroid markers

  • Inflammatory markers

  • Health specific genomic testing (aids in tailoring supplement dosages)

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