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Dr. Mike Valier, D.C.


For well over a decade, Dr. Mike has been using an extensive range of tools in order to create highly tailored treatment aimed at helping people in the Colorado Springs area live a life a full of health and movement.

​In pursuit of his own health, happiness, and feeling of aliveness, Dr. Mike loves to engage in a wide range of extreme sports and outdoor adventuring including mountain biking, climbing, back country snowboarding, ice hockey, and much more.


Office Wizard

Brooke takes care of all the paperwork, scheduling, billing, details and necessary logistics that running the office requires. She's that smiling face that will be your first contact with our office! ​

If you have questions, Brooke will always do her best to try and get them answered for ya! ​

She also has a not so-hidden talent as an ahhh-mazing artist...you may even be able to spot her artwork in the office gracing the packaging of some of Kevin's small-batch roasted coffee beans...


Functional Movement/Therapies

Kevin helps us offer many different treatment therapies and modalities that serve to complement your chiropractic adjustments. Whether you need taping, Estim/IASTM, decompression, or light therapy, Kevin will get you taken care of!​

Kevin is also an athletic trainer with a MS in exercise physiology...so he's totally over qualified to run our weekly functional movement classes (but he does them anyways since he knows they are so important!)

​He's also a huge coffee-nerd who can be found roasting his own small batch coffee beans in his spare time.

Total Body Works

Our Friends In Personal Training

We believe regular exercise and movement is essential for a healthy and long life. ​

When we have patients who are in need of extra guidance and coaching to get them moving correctly, we send them to our friends at Total Body Works Personal Training.

Luckily for us we share space with them so it's suupeerrr convenient for patients to schedule training sessions and get their adjustments in at the same time!

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